Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnostics Pathway

Over 6s

Assessing children of school age and up, we look at all of the information available to us when children are referred into the service and see if we have enough to make a decision regarding diagnosis.  If we don’t have enough information then we work out where the gaps are and may conduct some of the following:

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
    This is a structured assessment focusing on a child’s communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and repetitive behaviours and is made up of a number of different activities.
  • School Observations
    A member of the team will visit school to observe the young person both in class and in a social setting such as playtime. The child won’t know they are being observed. The team member may also want to speak to teachers and school staff to get further information.
  • Interview
    Sometimes we also carry out an interview with a parent or carer to find out more about the child’s early years.  It focuses on the young person’s development since they were born. This is sometimes done using an Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R).

School-Age Support

We offer a number of services to support parents during and after the assessment process.

Positive Behaviour Support

We provide workshops for all parents who have children going through the assessment process. These are aimed at supporting parents with their child’s challenging behaviours and providing individual management plans. For more information please download the Positive Behaviour Support Leaflet or contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Post Diagnostic Follow-Up

This workshop is an information session for those parents and carers whose child has just received a diagnosis of ASD. It provides an opportunity to find out more about the diagnosis itself and the process of assessment and decision making undertaken by the team.

For more information please download the Post-Diagnostic Follow-Up Leaflet or contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.


Cygnet is a parenting support programme for parents and carers of children/young people aged 5-18 who have a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder which will cover topics around understanding and supporting young people with ASD in further depth.

For more information please download the Information on the Cygnet Parent Training Programme document or contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Please refer to our useful links page for more information on any of the above.

For more information please contact:

Mail: Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis
Norwich Community Hospital
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Telephone: 01603 508 931