Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnostics Pathway

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnostics Pathway

The Autistic Spectrum Disorder assessment team is made up of professionals with expertise and specialism in working with children and young people with social communication difficulties. The team works across Norfolk with children up to the age of 18 years and we are grouped into pre-school age and school-age.

The team takes referrals for assessment when there are concerns that a child or young person is struggling in the areas of social development, communication and has repetitive and/or inflexible behaviours and thoughts.  The aim of the assessment is to look at the possibility of an underlying complex communication disorder such as autism spectrum disorder.

We work together along with partner agencies to form a whole picture of your child. Depending on the outcome of the assessment we also offer some post diagnosis support and can provide signposting and recommendations individual to your child’s needs.

For more information please contact:

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis
Norwich Community Hospital
Bowthorpe Road
Norwich NR2 3TU

Telephone: 01603 508 931