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Multiagency Key Worker Meetings

Multiagency Key Worker Meetings

Sometimes the professionals involved with a child / young person, along with the family, are called ‘The Team Around The Child’ (TAC).

Having a meeting – a Multiagency Key Worker Meeting – involving everyone in that team, can be a good to way to share information, make sure that everyone understands what everyone else’s role is and to ensure a coordinated plan is agreed. Families don’t have to have a meeting if they don’t feel this would help. If the family would like a meeting, this is organised according to the wishes of the family.

It is a chance to discuss what the most important issues are and to think about possible solutions to any problems and can be a regular opportunity to ensure that the child’s complex needs are being met and to look ahead to plan for the next steps for the child. This might include planning for school or nursery, planning for that young person moving into adult services or looking at short breaks choices.

The discussion and decisions made at the meeting are written up into a Family Service Plan, so that everyone knows what the next steps are, what needs to be done, who will do this and, where possible, how long it will take.

There may already be meetings concerning the child / young adult, for example to review short breaks services. And so to limit the number of meetings families and professionals have to go to, the Key Worker Service will invite all the professionals to use the Key Worker Meeting to carry out these reviews where possible.

The Key Worker Service supports Key Workers with the meeting planning, the administration involved and chairing meetings.

See Multiagency Meetings leaflet for more information.